Suction/blowing systems 

We provide the markets leading suction / blowing systems with large capacity, automatic filter cleaning, and inspection hatch that make the cleaning and servicing of the construction easier.

 We only use recognized and well-tested compressors such as Holmes and Kaeser – where Jilko´s technical department ensures that the customer receives the optimal compressor based on individual needs. 


Jilko has developed a market-leading sound dampening and furthermore offer sound damped aluminum cabins - i.e. maximum muting and minimum weight.


Jilko’s filter boxes, which are available in steel or weight-saving aluminum, are well known for long lifespan and high operational reliability. Many filter bags along with the adjustable electronically controlled self-flush, ensure high suction capacity.


Suction / blowing systems are supplied for either 5” or 6” loading-sluices.


Through many hours and years of use, our suction / blowing systems is a highly reliable and effective system, which performs at its best when harvesting is at its peak and everything has to work throughout the day without any interruption. Jilko is therefore the right company to contact.


Jilko Always offers

  • competitive prices
  • on time delivery 
  • high quality
  • low tare weight
  • long lifespan



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