Tipper trucks and trailers

Jilko provides 1- or 3- way tipper for 2-, 3- or 4- axle trucks, trailers and semitrailers with aluminum or steel bottom, and typical water resistant wood or the weightsaving aluminum structure – depending on customer needs and requirements regarding the size, strength and tare weight. Tipper truck and trailer can be delivered with closed top and hatches or with manual or automatic cover. The design is functional, cleaning- and user-friendly, made with focus on optimal operation and maintenance for the individual user – based on years of experience.  



  • competitive prices
  • on time delivery
  • high quality
  • low tare weight
  • long lifespan

For making efficient use of the new weight rules regarding the 4-axle trailers, we have designed a new 4-axle tip trailer. The new 4-axle tip trailer is based on many years of experience with our 3-axle trailer.


Jilko´s leading construction results in 

  • the market lightest tipper truck and trailer 

Our design department is always ready to work on special designs and constructions made for

unique needs.



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